TRAVEL ADVISORY NOTE NO. 1 OF 23 MARCH, 2020, UPDATE OF Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Tanzania

Due to an ongoing outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) corona virus (COVID-19) that can be spread from person-to-person globally and given the fact that cases of COVID-19 have been reported and confirmed in the United Republic of Tanzania, the Government of Tanzania has instituted additional travel measures to limit the spread of the virus to the general public as of 23rd March 2020. In light of the above consideration, all travelers to The United Republic of Tanzania are strongly advised to adhere to the following instructions: 

  1. All travellers whether foreigners or returning residents arriving from COVID-19 most affected countries, will be subjected to mandatory isolation for 14 days at their own cost at designated facilities identified by the Government.
  2. Passengers should fill in Health Surveillance Form in the plane, or any other transport means and submit them to Port Health authorities upon arrival.
  3. All travellers arriving will be subjected to an intensive screening and where necessary COVID-19 rapid testing.
  4. All travellers will then be informed of the designated isolation facilities, costs and arrangements in place and access to those facilities.
  5. After 14 days quarantine, passengers who have not developed symptoms of COVID-19 may leave the facilities and will be required to register personal information for future possible tracking purpose.
  6. All people residing in Tanzania are advised to avoid non-essential travels to COVID-19 affected countries.
  7. In case of any medical emergency while in the United Republic of Tanzania, please call the Health Emergency Number 199.

NB:    This Travel Advisory Notice will be updated as the situation evolves and more information on the outbreak becomes available.



Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Tanzania